YouTube - Ace Face Beauty

I started my YouTube channel out of frustration. 

I wanted to redress the narrative of beauty, especially for women of colour. I would trawl through videos, looking for someone doing real make up on black women, not with this formulaic approach, but looking at each face on its own merit and enhancing it. 

Everyone have the triangles of concealer under the eyes, everyone contoured everywhere, everyone "baked"!

I thought, surely there must be one person doing editorial/beauty style make up?

There wasn't one woman of colour that I could find doing this.

So after years of procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and launched my channel at the end of January 2018.

My goal is to showcase my slogan, believable brown beauty.

Please stop by my channel and spread the word. The beauty revolution is happening. 

#acefacebeauty #believablebrownbeauty #skinisalwaysin

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